What to Expect Live

IF they decide to tour you can expect a very natural sounding band that knows how to play together. They are digging into the Priest catalog when they play at KK;s Steel Mill. From what I have seen, KK is in awesome form. Tim belts out the songs as true to its recording as possible. This is a live show that will stand on its feet with music alone. There is just no way anyone can match the feeling KK has in his rhythm playing. KK has this bit of blues in his metal and can make your hairs stand up. That is the difference. 

You can replace guitar players all day long but to get the feeling of the song when its delivered is a completely different thing.  Watch Maiden with and without Adrian Smith.  Adrian Smith has that feeling in his playing like KK has his feeling in his playing that is obvious when your are there. 

Watch the 2 videos below.  I have never heard those songs performed any better than right here. 

A.J. also delivers the goods. He is so true to the songs feeling.

The Green Manalishi and Beyond the Realms of Death

MetalUSA's Artist Spotlight is on KK's Priest 

I have thought long and hard about who to put up on my website this year.  

KK's Priest was created after multiple attempts by KK Downing to rejoin the Priest after he decided to leave.  

I have heard all the reasons and I am not here to comment on this. I am here to say that I am excited that KK decided to forge ahead and release new music and I cant wait to listen to the album front to back about 30 times in one sitting. 

KK is known for his parts in creating some of the best and well known heavy metal music known today.  His music has lived on, has been an influence to many hundreds of thousands of musicians.  

-T James Bakken
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